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Dominik Lange

I am currently studying music technology at the University of West London to become a music technology specialist. I started this study because as a multi-instrumentalist I always wanted to do something creative. During my studies I created the company called mediald and had the opportunity to work in many different fields as an audio engineer. This was a starting point of an amazing journey. Whether it was on set as a sound mixer or doing post production for commercials, short or full-length movies. After finishing the diploma in 2018, I had the opportunity to be a lecturer for audio engineering at the Deutsche Pop academy for three semesters. On top of that, I had the chance to gain experience in acoustics, composing and music production.

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I have basic knowledge of sound related to physics and acoustic treatment.


I have a broad set of skills when it comes to movies due to my studies and work experience. Whether it is dialogue recording, editing, foleys, sound design or mixing in stereo and surround.


My passion for music goes way beyond just playing an instrument. I like to analyse it, create music and produce it.


When I'm up for a challenge I am determined to complete it in an efficient and creative way


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Full sound department
An image film of the artist Caroline Chevin based in Switzerland for her electronic press kit. This was one of my first jobs as a self-employee. Also going abroad with a small team was new to me, but we had a lot of fun during work. In the end of the movie she says "If you can imagine it, and it doesn't matter what it is, it is going to happen. The energy is so strong, it will become real. If it is your dream, just do it." This motivated me to reach out for my dreams

Sound mixer
The commercial China is a movement against fake news. This was done with the cooperation of the HFF in Munich. It became one of my all time favorites to show, not only because I'm liking the message of this commercial, it also won a lot of prices like:
HFF Jahresfilm Award 2019
Public Climate School Munich 2019,
Social Influence Spotlight 2020,
Young Creative Award Deauville Green Awards 2020
and many more..

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Full sound department
The full-length movie Rogue Trader is releasing in summer 2021. The investment banker Tom Walker becomes England's biggest Rogue Trader overnight. But how could a 27-year-old gamble away three billion dollars without anybody noticing?

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GAME GENRE: Adventure, Rogue-lite
Emotions in overview: Paranoia, disoriented, decay, hope
The character Amaja travels through an unknown world called Desolare. After a few deaths she (and the player) is able to realise that not everything she sees, is real.
This is for a bachelor project of the Hochschule Trier. This piece of music should play whenever the player is in a resting phase

This was part of my studies, it is my final assignment for the course Mastering Engineer. We had 4 hours in the studio to master 1 out of 5 given tracks.

Live-Performance - Music production
The progressive metal band Art Against Agony wanted to do a live playthrough of a couple of their songs.

I mastered this single for a singer/songwriter I met during my time playing as a bassist in a band called Journey of Fusion.

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